Saturday, February 2, 2008

coney baloney the sleepwalking wallbanger

We carried Mila downstairs after her little surgery and blocked the stairs so she cold walk up and down them. She was zoned out from being under and fell asleep right away on her little bed.

At 2:30 Luciya stirred to cry and only went about 20 minutes. We went back to sleep and then I woke up about five minutes later to a loud SMACK! And then another BANG! I woke up John (yeah, kind of a deep sleeper). I told him I thought Mila was walking around. We sat up in bed and sure enough, old Zoney Conehead jumps up onto the bed with the wide sides of her plastic cone slicing the covers as she tried to figure out what in Sam Hill was going on.

John picked her up and placed her on the floor (she's not supposed to be jumping up or down, or on the stairs, etc.) and led her back into the living room. On the way there was a CRACK! (wall) and a SCRAPE (floor) and a BOOM! (door jamb). Poor little thing. She's just so confused.

Help meeeeee........


The Smith Family said...

Love that you have a post about your doggie this week and so do I. Although, I will stop griping about my vet bill now that I saw yours. It's amazing how much those pets can cost!:)