Monday, February 4, 2008

chew low, sweet chariot

So, in my Complainer Connie mode the other day, when I was bitchin' and hemmin' and hawin' about how MISERABLE January was, I forgot to mention even more reasons why we've been feeling like Life has branded us with a gigantic "Kick Me" sign.

Oh, January was just AWFUL.

First of all, we made the mistake of traveling as a family to San Diego, where John's family live. Luciya *had* to spend time with her beautiful, giggleicious cousins and was forced to surprise her big sister and make her cry with happiness. AND she had to spend Quality Time with Grams and Grandpa Peter.

Brown-eyed girls.

We were forced to go to San Diego because I've had the misfortune of being totally inspired by this fitness program I've been attending called Stroller Strides, which has gotten me feeling better about my body than even before I was pregnant. My totally cute and perky franchisee asked if I'd like to be an instructor for the classes, and I suppose it sounded like the best idea ever, so we grudgingly found a way to make it down to sunny Southern California, where I spent two full days with disgustingly inspiring women, including one of my best friends from college, who also stayed with us at John's parents' amazing house. I know, I know... but the drama doesn't end there.

While in San Diego, we had to relax in the hot tub and celebrate little Devon's fifth birthday at a park. I got two days of fantastic workouts right down by the water, just a stone's throw from Sea World. *Sigh*.

Grams, Eryn, and Luciya in the park. In the SUN.

I know I mentioned how horrible it's been since John lost his job, but did I say how much it sucks that he and Luciya have been spending some terribly adorable father-daughter time together? And that I just despise the fact that I've actually gotten to take a few
naps?! And spend time painting?! Please.

In January we also had to shoulder the burden of a trip to the winter wonderland lake town of McCall, where John and I practically had the whole ski hill to ourselves on a fresh-powder, blue sky day. Tutu was there to play with Luciya, and John and I spent the first two nights ever away from Luciya because that mean old Tutu offered to watch her. Barf.

But I have to say the absolute WORST part about this past January were what are now infamously known as The Ciullo Days.

Mikey and Clancy Ciullo (sorry, guys, I just can't call you Michael and Nancy. It just feels weird in my mouth) are our best friends from Maui. This sibling duo has been our main support system for years. Mikey, John's not-so-secret lover, will be the best man in our September wedding. He and John have known each other for 13 years or something like that. Clancy will be a bridesmaid. They each moved from the island of Maui within a week of each other at the beginning of the year, and they each made a week-long trip to frostbitten Boise to see the babe (whom they haven't seen since she was eight weeks old!) and catch up. Needless to say, we were completely miserable the whole time they were here.

This is Uncle Mikey.

Obviously, he had an awful time in Boise and didn't bond with Luciya at all. He must have been feigning the laughs we had bowling, and biting his tongue as Luciya hugged and crawled all over him. I think he was probably very unhappy to spend time with us, not to mention that fact that we was forced to go snowboarding at Bogus Basin no less than three times. Oh, and this probably ruffled his tailfeathers as much as it did mine:

How to have fun in Boise in the Winter.

No wonder we haven't heard from him since he moved to the Virgin Islands to work on a sailboat.

This is his sister, Aunty Clancy.

Aunty Clancy is ridiculously funny and terribly sweet. She came to Idaho toting her positivity and sunshine (too bad we couldn't return the favor). You can imagine how torturous that was. She and Luciya were crazy about each other. And she had the audacity to have a good time mostly spent at the house, since we're all watching our budgets.

Ugh, the Ciullos. No, we
don't miss you guys, as a matter of fact. We don't long for your tangible friendship every day. So there.

Please, keep your good thoughts coming to us. As you can see, times are rough. We're struggling, but we're managing to struggle with painted-on smiles.

February, get ready.


The Smith Family said...

Sorry to hear about John's job. Love the blog. You are funny. The sroller work out sounds like fun. I just started going to the gym again to get my fanny into shape!