Thursday, January 31, 2008

at least our last name isn't spears

Thank goodness January is almost over. Just a few short hours. I swear, this has been a challenging month!

John lost his job. That's been a big one. He still hasn't found work (he's actually been told he's "over-qualified." Does that not make sense to anyone else?).

There's the money issue. Issues. And there are family issues here, sleep issues there, and time and home issues hovering everywhere. We don't have any (local) friends. And I've been eating way too many chocolate chip cookies.

And it's cold. I don't particularly mind it, but poor little John has never lived anywhere that has a true winter. Poor boy is freezing. And bummed. It probably doesn't help that Idaho hasn't seen this much snow in the last decade.

I was wondering if maybe the snow, and its way of keeping us indoors, was affecting little Nature Babe's mood, so we bundled up this evening to go on a quick walk around the block. Luciya was in her little pink snowsuit in the backpack, jolly as could be, and Mila bounded along beside us. Suddenly we noticed bright red pools of blood in the snow where ever she stepped and realized that her front left leg had gotten punctured by something and was literally spurting blood.

Tonight's long story short:

Poor baby.

Bill: $504.52

Oy vey.


Ophelia said...

Clearly Mila is not amused with this Elizabethan collar. Poor sweet little doggie...hopes she gets better very soon.

And yes, when we think we might be going through some challenging times we only need look as far as the latest tabloid to see that all things spears is bad...very very bad.


Mr. Devil said...

Mrs. Devil and I weep for Mila-in-Bondage. Here's hoping that things turn around for you soon. Kissies and a big poke o' the horns to the little Snotgobbler (give 'er something to howl about.)