Sunday, September 26, 2010


Probably the best part of hanging out with a three-and-a-half-year-old all day is the nuggets of unintentional delight that come out of her ridiculously sweet mouth.

Some recent observations/comments from Luciya:

"Mama, why are elbows called elbows?"

"Look at all the big clouds in he sky! That means my next birthday is coming up!"

{In the car, Mirabel asleep in her carseat}:
"Oh, look, Mirabel hears the music while she's sleeping - her little mouth is dancing!"

Mama: "Is your new preschool called Happy Days because you're happy there?"
Luciya: "Yes, and sometimes it's called Sad Days."
M: "Why is it called Sad Days?"
L: "Like when you eat too much food in your tummy and you're sad. So it's called Sad Days sometimes."

"Mama, I have a little beard but I'm not a daddy. It's a girl beard."

Mama: "How was school today?"
Luciyas: "I was sweaty."
M: "Why were you sweaty?"
L: "Because it was hard work."

"You want to hear the song about Mary? Okay. Mary had a wife and she fall down and bonked her head and it was blooding and she needs a hair Band-aid, the end."