Sunday, November 30, 2008

c'mon, december! woo-woo-woo...

I'm rooting for you, December. You're the last chance 2008 has to turn this spooky-dooky folly that so many of us are feeling on its ear. Stay with us, December 2008. Make my predictions come true. You're strong, December! You're nobody's fool! It's up to you. I have faith. This may very well be the best December ever.

P.S. Will everyone please send healing thoughts to my new Boise friend Christina tomorrow? Thanks.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

oh, NOW you tell me!

My horoscope today:


If you are considering a career move or a new business partnership, talk to your friends and business associates. Get everything checked out. Have everything written down and make a formal agreement. This is not a time for "handshake" deals. Misunderstandings are a real possibility."


Saturday, November 22, 2008

meh. feh.

So, most of you know what's going on. 

Previous business owners formed a competing property management company under a fake name. Took more than half our clients.

We've met with a local lawyer and sent out a demand letter. Should hear back within the next week.

To top everything off, our heater broke yesterday. The part has been ordered but won't arrive til Tuesday. We have three space heaters pumping at full blast.  It snowed today. I was  ch-ch-chilled to the b-b-b-bone.

I do feel better, though, about the comment that "Anonymous" left on a post for Luciya's 8-month birthday.  It's at the bottom of the page. Yay, cyberspace!!

I know she turned 19 months old two days ago. Post is coming. She's fabulous. 

If you read this blog and I know you, I love you. You are a good person and I'm so thankful to have you in my life. You keep my faith in fairness and goodness and all that I believe we should hold dear as Americans and as humans alive.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

misty mountain hop

John, Luciya and I got away to the mountains this weekend and spent Sunday night at Tutu's beautiful cabin in Garden Valley. It was just what the doctor ordered - crisp, cold air, silence, and snuggling by the fire. We brought ATVs up and zoomed around the area and took long walks in the stillness. Thanks for the getaway, Tutu! We are renewed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

gimme some sugar

Things are really stinky right now. Or, as Luciya would say... "caca."

We have entered the strangest level of discomfort and HELL with our new business. In the first week of November (our official first week), we lost about 10 clients, who own approximately 23 properties between them.

That's MORE THAN HALF of the the monthly income we were expecting. 

To top it off, the previous company owners (who took a full month's worth of "consulting fees," as well as the remainder of what we owed them for the business, from the security deposits bank account), are telling us, via nasty emails, that it is all our fault that we lost those clients. Basically, the previous owners have taken the money and run.

Then tonight I received a nasty email from one of the clients we lost. Help me, I'm not used to this negativity. Nor am I good at handling it. I don't know whether to cry, or get mad, or try and take the high road and say screw it, so what if we're going to be bringing in $2100 less a month than we've been budgeting for, it's time to take the high road and make this the best damn property management business in the state. We'll hold off on the big, life changing plans we've started to make. We'll get through it.

But I'm suddenly swamped with trying to figure out this new software, and refund thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of security deposits, and trying to wrap my head around WHAT WENT WRONG. I'm literally flabbergasted. I have no idea what is happening. 

AND we ordered business cards and brochures from Staples and they are the biggest lumps of crap I have ever seen. The borders are crooked, the ink is fuzzy, and the paper is flimsy. We have to return them.

AND the vacuum cleaner is broken. I love to vacuum. It soothes me. And goodness knows this house could use a good once-over. 

And meanwhile I know sweet Luciya can feel the angst in the house; she's jumpy and clingy. Mama could really use some love right now. I just try.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm inspired to be a better person. To be patriotic - a word that until now has had a sour taste.