Monday, February 18, 2008


I woke up last week to the sound of birdsong. One of those things you don't realize has been gone until you hear it again. What a welcome sound! It has been hovering between 40 and 50 degrees for over a week now, with blue skies and light breezes. I hear a lawn mower starting up next door. Is Spring here? Let's hope so!

We celebrated Valentine's Day by going to court. Well, that's how we started the day, anyway. We had to go defend ourselves (by pleading guilty) for Mila's Thanksgiving escape and our subsequent "dog at large" charge. We sat in the back of the courtroom and listened to a few of the cases (fascinating stuff! We heard from a sleazy-looking guy who had been caught with a syringe and a 17-year-old smoker who was told to make a poster for his high school about the dangers of cigarettes) and I tried to keep Luciya quiet-ish with a bottle. The judge suddenly asked whose baby that was and I apologized, thinking we were being too distracting. He was actually being Mr. Nice Judge and said, "It's Valentine's Day, and I know your family doesn't want to spend it in the courtroom." He bumped up John on the list and ended up dropping the license charge and reducing a potential $200+ fee to ten bucks plus court costs. We left fairly satisfied. I said "Thanks, Your Honor." (John and I both admitted, though, that it would have been interesting to be able to stay and hear some of the other cases before the jude; there were a couple shady looking teenage boy in front of us and I wanted to know just what schenanigans they'd been up to.)

We had Costco crab legs for dinner that night. I absolutely drowned mine in melted garlic butter and inhaled everything. Delish! 

John still hasn't found work, but a couple opportunities have presented themselves and it will be interesting to see where they go. He has an appointment with Fuddrucker's onWednesday. Keep your fingers crossed!