Friday, July 31, 2009

a mattress story and an announcement

We got a tempurpedic mattress topper a week ago, hoping it would combat the permanent body grooves in the mattress we've had for about 4 years and that, oddly, doesn't flip over. The insert said the new cover might take a while to get used to, though "most users sleep soundly the first night of use." We have been giving it the old college try, and the last couple nights have finally been really, deeply comfortable and we've been sleeping well.

Last night John had a hard time falling asleep and it actually took him 12 seconds to start snoring, instead of the usual six. I had just finished a couple chapters in the latest David Sedaris book, which generally isn't the best way to calm down before bed, and since John was deeply snoring I started absentmindedly banging my foot against the new tempurpedic pad. I don't know why. I just did. And John stirred. And he mumbled, "What's going on?" My answer? "I can't find my feet." And John says, "Oh," and immediately starts snoring again.

"Oh." Like "Oh, yeah, I lose my feet all the time. I hate it when that happens. But they eventually find their way home." He accepted it, in his sleep state, probably in the same way he would have accepted it had my answer been, "Ponytooth is visiting the dentist."

"Oh." (snnngggrriizzzzzz)

And I lost it. I got totally engulfed in a fit of ridiculous giggles and started convulsing in the bed until tears were streaming. John tried to wake up and join along, but just couldn't do it, which only got me going harder. And that's the way it's been.

An emotional roller coaster. Because who knows, had the same exact situation occurred 2 nights ago I might have been so annoyed with the fact that John wasn't paying adequate enough attention to what I said and I might have gotten reaaallllly pissed.

Because I'm pregnant, and that's the way it goes.

Surprise! Right? I know! Big surprise. We had one cycle after the d & c in March, and pretty much got pregnant immediately, without trying.

This week marks week 15, and we are finally starting to feel excited, and accepting. I tell you what, the beginning of this pregnancy was not enjoyable for me, at all. I was so shocked to learn we were pregnant again, and by week 7 we had had 2 ultrasounds and 2 blood tests because there was some spotting, and even the midwife thought we had possibly miscarried again. Blech. She is a wonderful woman, and mentioned, after our 3rd unscheduled stop at her office, that I might be afflicted with a touch of PTSD. Ya think?

It's been crazy. Not to mention the fact that the first trimester left me utterly exhausted. I don't remember being this tired with Luciya, but when I was pregnant with her I wasn't running two businesses and raising a toddler. I still need to sleep just about every day, and thankfully our little munchkin takes amazing 2 1/2 hour naps still. Oh, and she still sleeps 12 hours a night. AND SHE'S POTTY TRAINED! More about that later, I hope, because it's totally insane, and it happened so quickly, and we've not had one accident since we started two weeks ago.

But. Here we are. I can safely say we're pregnant, we're thrilled, and we're due January 24th.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

eLLe - july 2009

Dear Luciya,

There is a poem attributed to Longfellow that has been playing in my mind lately:

There was a little girl who had a little curl
right in the middle of her forehead
And when she was good she was very very good
And when she was bad she was horrid.

And there you have it. There's your 27 month post.

Okay, I can write a little more. And it will be easy tonight, because you've been awesome and spectacular and happy and loving and bright and cuddly and inquisitive and amazing and not screechy and tormented and demanding and flailing and... well, you can get like that lately and it's not gorgeous. But when you are sweet you are sweet, and you hug and kiss and say "I love you."

By far, the biggest and best accomplishment of the last couple months has been your jabber mouth. You are succcchhhh a talker, and it's so hilarious and charming! I can't tell you how delightful it is to have conversations with you.

Here are a few of your best utterings as of lately:

I See the Moon

[Looking up at a daytime half-moon]:

Luciya: "Moon! Hi, Moon!"

Mama: "Hi, Moon!"

Luciya (stretching her arms up): "I tan't reach it! Mama do it."

Mama: "I can't reach it, either!"

Luciya (calling to Uncle): "Uncle! Help! Uncle reach the moon!" [Slapping her thighs like she's calling Mila] "T'mere, Moon! T'mon! T'mon, Moon!!"


Mama: [Sneezes]

Luciya: "Bless you, Mama."

Mama: "Thank you, Luciya."

Luciya: "Bless you, Baby. Bless you, Mila. Bless you, Dada. Bless you, Gampaw. Bless you, Toilet."

One of the coolest accomplishments is the loss of referring to yourself in the third person as 'Baby,' and referring to yourself as "I." I know this is some remarkable turning point, a statement of you realization of individuality, a leap into toddlerhood. It's actually remarkable.

The "I"s Have It

"I did it!"

"I got new shoes!"

"I want one."

"I need cookie."


Luciya: "Mila's outside. Mama boobies pretty. Have some more cereal?

Mama: "What do you say?"

Luciya: "Puh-le-le-le-le-leeease?"

You've been using your "l" sound a lot lately: playing is "puh-lay" instead of "pay" and the color blue is "baloo." You like to look for "calouds" in the sky and are very good at saying "puhleese."

By far, the most exciting development this month is the fact that you're using the potty more and more. For the past 3 days, your daddy and I have been diligently working with you on the Diapers Free 3 Day Potty Training method, and by Jove, it's working! It must be the dance your daddy and I have devised, loudly praising "Pee-pee in the pot-TY!" every time you make a successful tinkle. It might also be the reward of 2 M&Ms per tinkle, which I guess I didn't think through very well, since yesterday you went pee pee in the potty seven times.

But it's awesome, and we're so proud of you. If we stick with this program, you'll have to be bare-bottomed under pants for 3 months! We'll see how it goes, but at this point, especially considering it's 100 degrees outside, I'm up for anything!

I love you, Luciya!


brownies, nom, nom, nom...

Monday, July 13, 2009

gams and gampaw

Grams and Grandpa, John's parents, were just visiting for 2 lovely, leisurely weeks.

Peter and Ophelia were mid-roadtrip before an exciting move to VIETNAM!! Since I have been such a lazy blogger, check out their post on the Idaho leg of their journey here.

Love you both! Thanks for a great stay-cation!!!!