Wednesday, May 27, 2009

another typical conversation

John (singing): "Eat your toast, pretty Luciya, eat your toast, eat your toast. Eat your toast, pretty Luciya..."

Emily: "Wow, where did you hear that song?"

John: "On the radio last night, the country station."

Emily: "Okay -I was going to say, if you made that up yourself, that's pretty impressive."

John: "I wish I was that talented. But it was Brook and Dunn on the country station."

Emily: "Did they even use the name Luciya??"

John: "Yeah, but they spelled it differently."

Emily: "Oh."

John: "Yeah, I looked up the lyrics last night on brook and dunn dot com."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ah, to be two

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

eLLe - TWO and a month

Dear Luciya,

You're two now. TWO! How awesome is that??!! You've been two for a month, but I'm just now getting around to writing this because things have been pretty busy. First, we had your second birthday party.

It was so much fun. There were about 20 of your little friends running around, playing in the bubble machine, and eating delicious carrot cake cupcakes with whipped cream cheese frosting that your Uncle Mikey and I whipped up. And there was your birthday present, courtesy of Uncle Mikey and your Dada.

Who's a lucky little girl? You are.

Then, we went to L.A. to celebrate your sister's 18th birthday. You girls are growing up wwwaaaaayyyyy to quickly for your own good. Holy cow.

And here you are, my giant two-year-old. No really, you're giant. At your 2-year check up, you weighted 30.5 pounds and are 35 inches tall. Both of these are in the 90th percentile. .And then there's your bobble head, whose hugeness must be covered by your mounds of hair, because its size continues to stay in the 95h percentile. We've begun calling you Ol' Bighead.

You still call yourself "Baby," and refer to yourself in the third person. "Baby do it." "Read Baby book." "Oh, Baby's shoes." You're talking and talking and I can't tell you how much I enjoy it. You're such a sponge and you've started saying things that I didn't even realize I said enough for you to catch on. "Here you go" is one, but my favorite that you started using recently, and totally inappropriately, is "Sorry about that!" It actually comes out more like "Siy bout dat," and it's freakin hilarious. You'll see that a pant leg is hanging out of a dresser drawer and you'll run over and say "Oh siy bout dat!" and tuck it back in.

It's so nice now that you're able to use your words to express what you want and are feeling. You can say "Baby go night-night" and "More milk, please" and "Go see water." You still love all things water and your birthday party was actually fish-themed. You love to look at pictures of water and jump in puddles and run your hands over spills. Your birthday present from me was a fish, a betta named Sam, who is actually still alive, thank you very much. Every morning you say "Hi Sam!"

You love to give kisses and hugs and are so excited to "go see buddies" at Stroller Strides each morning. You're a pretty good sharer - most of the time. That is certainly not to say, however, that you are a consistent bundle of sweetness and light. Your tantrums have become quite deliberate and frustrating. Lately the thing that sets you off is a bit of jealously when your dada or I hold another baby. you totally embarrassed me the other week when I offered to hold a friend's baby and you completely lost if, flailing your limbs all over the ground, kicking up grass and dew, banging you head and wailing. Even after I gave the baby back to her mama you wouldn't stop. So that's one thing we'll have to work on. It's just so hard, in general, when things don't immediately go your way. God forbid I don't let you open the door to the freezer and proceed to lay its contents all around the kitchen. I know, I know... worst mother EVER.

It's been warm and lovely lately - perfect potty training weather. We've been busting out the panties and practicing sitting on your little potty. No true success yet, but I know the point is sinking in, and there is certainly no rush. I think I just kind of like seeing your sweet little bottom in those tiny panties as you run through the green grass.

The major obstacle we're facing right now is ditching the nuk-nuk. The binky came out in full force in March after our trip to Maui - so much so that people were surprised to see it since they never knew you used one. The regression was major, and now I am determined to help you quit the addiction entirely, once and for all. Oh my God, it's sooo hard. A screaming baby is one thing; babies just scream. I screaming toddler who is begging between hiccups for the nuk-nuk is a completely different thing, because you know why you're upset, you know what would fix it, and you're just not getting it, and it sucks. We're using this method, and so far we're still on step 1 after six days. We've eliminated the binky from the stroller and the car, which I think are good first baby steps. It's now primarily used at bedtime, with the little pinholes punched in.

So, we'll see how it goes. In the mean time, I continue to be awed and humbled by you; I continue to check on your sweetly soft form sleeping each night; I continue to be grateful for life as I know it ever since you came along.

I love you, Luciya!


Friday, May 8, 2009

our wedding dance - september 27, 2008

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