Tuesday, March 27, 2012

34. Live and Give.

Despite how I may have mislead you at the beginning of the year (thanks to Kelly for being the first and only to spot my year-off mistake), I turned 34 years old today.

I was inspired by a Facebook friend, who was inspired by another blogger, to spend my 34th birthday by committing 34 acts of kindness. (It was actually supposed to be 35 and 35, but I couldn't wait a whole year.) I have been working on the list for the past 2 or three months, and am proud to say I accomplished darn near all of them today.

Today was about recognizing the abundance that is my life, and about sharing my joy and gratitude in as many ways as I could.

So today, I....

- Brought flowers to all the residents at Grandma's assisted living facility. One blanket-covered woman on oxygen wheezed, "Why are you doing this?" "Because I want to spread a little joy to your day and give you something beautiful." "No one has ever done that before." Tear promptly stifled.

- Left a bag of quarters on a laundromat table.

The bag read, "Enjoy Laundry Day! Please use these quarters."

- Delivered diapers to the refugee clinic.

- Picked up seven dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and delivered them, with gratitude notes, to my midwife and her office, my children's pediatrician's office, the NICU where Mirabel spent her first two weeks, and my dad at his office.

- Wrote and delivered gratitude notes to my parents.

- Surprised a friend at work with a card and flower.

- Donated pounds of clothes to the local women's shelter.

- Donated books to a local book shop and the Library (!)

- Paid for the coffee order of the man behind me in the Starbucks drive-thru.

- Purchased the lunch of a stranger at a restaurant, and gave our supportive waiter an excellent tip.

Also, I ate this for lunch.

- Brought flowers and Krispy Kremes for the mamas in my running club and the participants in John's and my Tuesday evening class.

- Left notes on windshields throughout the city.

- Enjoyed a two-hour nap and some quality time with my partner in crime and #1 fan.

"Blessed is this life, and I'm going to celebrate being alive."
- Brett Dennen

One of my best birthdays ever.
Blessed be.