Friday, January 4, 2008

music to my ears

We've decided that Luciya is working her way through the alphabet, or perhaps through the vowels, starting with A. She really has a good understanding of the letter A and its variations after extensive practice the last few months. She can squawk it: "agh!"; squeal it: "AAH!"; and screech it: "aaaaaaaahhhhhhh." Quite good.

I have been getting a leeelte bit worried, though, because she hasn't been making any consonant sounds (ba, ma, ga), and those were *supposed* to have started around 6 months of age. Only aahhh and its variations.

Until this morning.

Child is saying "mama." Repeatedly. All day. I cannot handle it.

mamamamama from shemmy on Vimeo.

See how she sucks in her lower lip? Isn't it too much?

She's been at it all day. And her attitude has been stellar. I think she feels very accomplished!

mamamamamama from shemmy on Vimeo.

"Mama" is sooo proud! I mean, really. Jubilant.


Kelly said...

OH MY GOD! Child prodigy! So amazing, so cute, i love the lip sucking face- can't wait to come see you all!

Tutu said...

Mama is such a beautiful word - and reserved for those who are abundantly blessed. Yeah for Teeny Tiny and LeeLee!