Wednesday, January 16, 2008

for the record


John lost his job last week.

Since September he has been the General Manager of a fine dining restaurant in Eagle, which is close to our home. It is a beautiful restaurant in a lovely location right on the Boise River.

This restaurant is headed by a locally Famed Chef, who has another, more popular high-end restaurant in downtown Boise.

John was let go last Tuesday because, as the Famous Chef put it, they could no longer afford him. Truth be told, they may apparently be looking at bankruptcy.

Here's where the uber-awkward part comes in.

We have no doubt that the reasons the Famous Chef gave John were true. This is because we (foolishly) agreed, after a second desperate plea from said Chef, to loan him quite significant amount of money. This happened on November 29, and the money, which we borrowed against our credit card, was supposed to be repaid (along with any accrued interest) by the first week of December.

Well. Guess what.

We're in quite the situation here! And we're learning from it day by day. Email by email. Excuse by excuse.

I just wanted to continue my paper trail, in case we might (but hopefully won't) have to take the Famed Boise Chef and his wife (who apparently doesn't know about said loan) to court for repayment.

I am certainly not posting this so that anyone feels he or she has the right to get involved. Just wanted to let you all know wassup.

Live and learn, right?

Oh, and if anyone has any sweet job leads in the Boise area, please let us know.