Wednesday, December 19, 2007

eLLe - 8 months

Dear Luciya,

Happy 8-month birthday!

When I was 7 or 8 years old and had my "daycare" under the stairs at our home (with all my Cabbage Patches and other dolls neatly lined in their beds along the wall, complete with daily feeding charts and health information (including one doll who suffered from "azma"), most of the babies were 8 months old.

Why? I guess I just must have known, even at that young age, that eight months was the perfect age for babies. I mean, look at you. You're bright, happy, communicative (in your own way) and a sweet lil' mover and shaker.

My, how you move. With the crawling came the up-pulling, the getting-into, the exploration of every nook and cranny. You have been such a funny little rump shaker that it is hard to capture a good picture of you these days. Oh wait, here's one:

Well, who's a big fan of naked time? NAKED TIME!! Your little nudey butt crawling all over (and trying on daddy's boots) is my new favorite image. We have been taking some well-cherished extra nakey minutes before bath time just so you can wriggle in the joy of it all.

Bathing is still a favorite activity of yours. And bedtime, which comes right after, is getting better. For the most part you squeal for a bit after being put down but the duration has subsided significantly. And I am getting better at letting you cry it out for a while. Which isn't to say it has gotten easier; I'm just more comfortable knowing that you are going to sleep, and you're going to sleep fine.

Until you wake up and realize that since you're awake you'd better practice pulling yourself up and standing. And then you don't know how to get back down. Three or four nights this week I've gone into your room about 3 hours after I put you to bed to see your sad, tired, confused little face crying over the crib railing because you stood up and now you can't get back down. It's just so hard sometimes!

You had a case of the flu last week in which you filled your diapers with so much diarrhea that we took you to the doctor. Someone caught her first virus! Dr. Angie thinks that this may have contributed to your nighttime pukeys, too. Yes, my dear, all in all you have been a delightfully poopy, pukey, fussy, messy, squirmy ball of baby bliss these past few weeks. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you, Luciya!

Love, Mama


Grams said...

Wow...just wow...a perfect little buggie.

Anonymous said...

Big fat ass. If you know it´s a baby it is cute. An adult ass with all that fat and all cellulites would almost be a crime to publish. Disgusting! Don´´t post pictures like this. I hope this ass-owner gives you a big punch later on! Yuck!!

Anonymous said...

Why do parents show their children´s naked butts like this? Who the hell wants to see your naked baby except for the pedophiles. Respect your kid, for heavens sake!

Emily said...

Ummm... hey Anonymous? Why don't you just stop visiting this site? I think everyone would feel better! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well Emily, I suppose it is not a crime so far, If silly parents can exploit their kids like this and put up their childrens naked asses in public then my visit is a minor problem. If you take some time and read what investigators of child crime write, then they think parents who post their kids like this are causing a lot of problems. But it is easier to confront the freedom of speech/writing instead of changing a fucking bad judgment. You are fucking bad parents who disrespect your kids. Why don´t you post nicer picture than this pig-similar asshole!

Anonymous said...

..As long as you want everybody to see your daughters naked butt then you have to deal with this. If I can find it, a lot of pedos can. But the pedos are a minor problem compared to what you do to your daughters right to have a private life. Let her decide to make striptease when she is old enough. If nobody knew this was a child, the picture is repulsive and can be found by anyone.
And as long as you exploit your daughters naked butt, you have yourself to blame. I will write to any silly parents who disrespect their kids and insult their right to privacy.
You cannot stop people from reading. You live in a democracy, don´t you?

Anonymous said...

Me and my friends had a big laugh at this the other night but then I thought about the kid and felt sad. But you don´t obviously?

Emily said...

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