Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 will be so great

Dear Luciya,

Well, the year of your birth is drawing to a close.

This year will forever be held in that special heart chamber reserved for warm and fuzzy memories, as so much has happened and so much has changed.

2007 was the year I watched my body morph and grow and move with your tiny kicks and jabs, until I pushed you out at almost midnight on Maui in mid-April.

It was the year I packed your tiny self to Idaho, where we've witnessed three true seasons and melded your daddy's family and mine. Ours.

Your uncle got divorced, your Tutu wrote a book, your daddy had his first snowfall, your hair fell out and grew back in (mullet #2), you gained 9 pounds in 8 months, you flew on six airplanes, your future husband Jenner was born premature (but is now bigger than you!), went camping, skiing, and to the zoo, caught your first cold and a touch of the flu, road-tripped to Sun Valley, saw your great-grandma five times, slept a lot sometimes and others not at all, transformed from blob to professional human heartstring-tugger, and had your first taste of McDonald's strawberry milkshake.


2007 has been the Year of Luciya. You, my dear, have made it magical and special, happy and promising.

And 2007 was rounded out by your daddy getting hit in the face by a drunk homeless man and possibly going to the hospital for a broken nose. I don't know yet; I'm awaiting the next phone call.

I love you, Luciya!


Family of the Year