Thursday, October 30, 2008


The election next week is the greatest of my generation, and I am honored to be able to go and cast my vote. This country, though faced with some very serious shit right now, is also facing a glimmer of something we ALL can believe in: hope for change. I know these words sounds almost cliche now; they've been run through the wringer in Senator Obama's campaign. But after eight years of uncertainty, disappointment, loss, and fear... well, I'd say change is a good thing. Who wouldn't?

A recent email message I received from a Republican voter was loaded with religious banter. And while I was raised a Christian, and while my belief in a higher power is strong and true, and while I know a number of delightful, passionate, loving people who consider themselves Christians, I do not believe religion should be a basis upon which to decree the law from the utmost seat of power in this country. I believe religion and politics should remain two separate entities. Yes, the Bible has some very important messages of hope and love and faith. But show me the passage where Jesus says abortion should be illegal, and the choice should be in the hands of a man. Show me where he says that because two people love and support and cherish each other dearly, but happen to be of the same sex, they have no right to be together in matrimony. Show me the passage where Jesus supported senseless wars and turned one sword into 5,000 so his people could teach a lesson or two to the enemies with a different belief system.

The Constitution, that great American document upon which this nation was founded, specifically outlines the separation of church and state. But unfortunately, this line seems to have blurred among certain candidates, and they feel it's appropriate to shove Christian doctrine into the political spectrum of this strong, free, multi-ethnic melting pot of a country. Want to bring the Bible into the school system? Awesome. But let's also bring in the Bhagavad-Gita, the Torah, the Koran, the Tao Te Ching, the scriptures of Buddha, and the Book of Mormon. Because according to these powerful founding words, all men are created equal.

So my question is: Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Did Jesus say, hoard your wealth? Did Jesus say, shun your neighbor because he couldn't afford to go to college and therefore has an underpaying job and can't afford his own health insurance?

No. Jesus said, help the less fortunate. Jesus said, love thy neighbor.

To me, God is not some omnipotent white bearded old man on a cloud throne, doling out punishment with his index finger from up on high. To me, God is the strength and the light that exists within each of us. God is the feeling of hope.

And to me, hope for this country begins with Barack Obama.

There is one person for who I am casting my vote next Tuesday, because she will have to wait 17 years until she has the opportunity to do so.

She is the one who will be paying for this senseless war. She is the one who will not know Social Security benefits. She is the one for whom health care and higher education should be a right, not a privilege.

Vote Obama 2008, and may peace prevail on Earth.


Ophelia said...

Oh my, what a thoughtful post!

Emily, I am so proud of you. Not because you share my world view, not because we share a similar sense of humor, not because you fit into our family like a warm cozy glove, but because you are an articulate, thoughtful, amazing woman in your own right.

Of course I agree with you, but here's the thing: our country stands at a crossroad that comes around once a a few lifetimes. We have an opportunity, with our vote, to choose unity, to choose inclusivity, to choose to restore America's elevated place in the world, to choose a president who is truly willing to work across the aisle, to choose a forward thinking President who has our best interests at heart, to choose a President who is willing to listen to different viewpoints before he makes a decision, in fact a President who actively solicits dissenting viewpoints before acting, a President who doesn't shoot from the hip, a President who is educated, well read,thoughtful and curious and ...well the list could continue...

I so care for my grand daughters: Eryn, Syona, Devon and Luciya. I'm so concerned that their world will be far different from ours...and not necessarily in a positive way. They are inheriting an enormous debt. Their generation will have to shoulder the responsibility of this generation's actions and inactions.

Thank you for posting a well thought out blog.


Emily said...


Ashley said...

For lack of a better word, amen!!!
Nicely put!