Wednesday, October 1, 2008

two tickets to paradise

Yay yay yay!!

We¨re married! And we had the most fabulous wedding ever. The weather was amazing, the yard looked beautiful, and about 70 friends and family were there to share the love.

John and I arrived in Zihuatanejo, Mexico yesterday afternoon and let me say, it doesn¨t suck. We got off the plane and were struck by humid air so thick we started sweating immediately. But the rains of September bring an incredible lushness to this place and it felt like we were landing in the Land of the Lost. I managed not to go crazy with anticipation as we waited for the ONE customs agent to look at our passports and then the other (single) agent to make sure we weren´t smuggling any livestock into the country. We finally got out cab to the resort, and I immediately jumped in to practicing my Spanish with him. I have been loving the opportunity to ramble in Spanish again!! It just seems to come back to me when I am in this marvelous country. Our driver shared some ideas of where to visit while in town, including a restaurant with 130 types of tamales. Don´t think we won´t be going there!!

When we got to the hotel (The Tides) we were instantly struck by the beauty of the architecture and the layout. What an amazing place! Stone paths weave around through the various bungalows. There are 3 pools (one of which is an infinity pool overlooking the gentle Pacific), 2 restaurants and 3 bars (one of which is a tequila bar, which is literally just steps from our room).

Oh my goodness, our room is delightful! The king size bed is up a flight of wooden stairs on a balcony with a stained glass window. The bed has romantic mosquito netting draped around it and a mirror about the headboard (natch). There was a welcome message on the pillow written in flower petals.

We went to the pool behind our room to sit at the swim up bar a drink a couple pina coladas. We met another honeymooning couple (I think we comprise about 85% of the guest population here) from Boston and chatted for a while. Then we freshed up for dinner and went to one of the on site restaurants, La Marea, where we were seated at a little beach side table and were serenaded by the crashing waves and a guy who played the guitar in the sand while simultaneaouly playing some Peruvian flutes around his neck and thumping a drum on the ground with his beaded foot. He came up to our table and asked for any requests. Since he had done a Simon and Garfunkle tune earlier (Ï´d rather be a hammer than a nail...¨I love Simon and Garfunkle!) I requested another song by the duo (I was on the spot, okay!). So, we were serenaded by ¨The Sound of Silence.¨In a way, I guess it´s appropriate.

Our dinner was amazing an culminated in a fiery coffee drink that took about 5 minutes for the waiter to prepare tableside. Yummy!

We then went for a romantic walk on the dark beach, and we were amazed at how warm the sand and water were!! It was like bath water. Absoultely lovely.

This morning wwe awoke to coffee laid out on our patio table and then ventured to the restaurant for breakfast, where we sat overlooking the calm waters of the bay.

Today we´re off to explore the town. What am I doing sitting in the business center?!

Hope you´re all well.......