Monday, October 6, 2008

Dear Luciya

My heart misses you so badly.

It´s not so much guilt for leaving you for 9 days (which we have no plans to ever do again!) so much as a longing to be with you. I want to see the little dimples on your knuckles and make you laugh by kissing your tummy. You´re fun. I love being with you, and I cannot wait to see you in 2 short days.

I think this is the first vacation I´ve been on where I´m actually looking forward to coming home!! Not that we´ve been miserable. By any means. We have found the most blissful location ever, and we have already decided that we will return one day.

On Friday your dada and I rented a wave runner and zipped around Zihua bay for a half hour. Your dada says I was a scary fast dirver. I thought it was fun! We returned to the centro that afternoon and I bought you the cutest little outfit. I can wait to see you in it!

On Saturday we went to a sleepy little fishing village about 45 minutes away called Barra de Potosi. There we sat along the beach and drank a few cold beers before meeting a young man who took us on his little motor boat on a tour of the swampy green lagoon. It was very jungly - hot and still and sticky and green, with little fishermen in their little boats catching all kinds of fish with their nets. We had lunch afterwards at one of the waterfront (literally - water.front.) restuarants and I ordered garlic shrimp, and there they were, heads and eyes and shells and legs and poop and all. I couldn´t do it, darling. I tried. I had a few. And were you there I probably would have had more, because I plan to encourage you to at least try everything once.

On Sunday your dada and I treated ourselves to a couples´massage that was just heavenly. we were scrubbed down with coconut scented sea salts and massaged for an hour after that. That night we had a delicious fresh seafood meal overlooking the pacific from the high balocny of a restaurant called Kau Kan. ¡Muy rico!

The massage was so good we decided we deserved another one today. Unlike your dada, who practially snores throughout the whole thing, I have a hard time turning my mind off, and so during the massages I tried to think on the happist times of my life. What kept coming to me was when I was pregnant with you, and we would go walking alomst every day in the pine forests of Olinda. Those we such safe and happy times. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to squeeze you!!

Today we are going to go back in to town, after we finish a few piña coladas on the beach. It´s a beautiful day. The nightly thunderstorms leave the mornings steamy and refreshingly warm, and today the skies are the bluest they´ve been.

We leave tomorrow for LA, and then fly to Boise on Wednesday. Our plane lands during your nap, and Im hoping that when Tutu drops us off at the house I will be there when you wake up. I´m going to tiptoe in and I keep trying to imagine your reaction. Will you be confused? Happy? Angry with me? Looking for your Grams? Or will everything be just like normal, and you´ll squawk and hug me and run off to play.

I can´t wait to find out.

See you soon, mi amor.....

I love you Luciya!


Elaine said...

Luciya is bringing joy to her Grams and Tutu, and they love her dearly. But, nothing can replace her momma's hugs and kisses. Welcome back.