Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tutu Biting Tongue Off

Emily started the first heavy contractions almost 19 hours ago. Serious, painful contractions consistently for almost 14 hours. Midwife says she's only dialated to a 3 and is just getting into real labor. (Go figure.) It will be hours more. Tutu thinks hospital might be considered. Tutu must keep quiet. Hard for Tutu to do.

Emily and John are fabulous.


T&Colby said...

Hang in there, Tutu--I'm sure it kills you to see your girl in pain!
Thanks so much for the updates, you're a life saver!

Kelly said...

You Can do It Mama, I am sending all my love and power! Hang in their Tutu and Ton Ton- All my love to you, thank you for the is so hard being an ocean away!

T&Colby said...

Update! Update, I said!!

Anonymous said...

we're so excited! Keep us posted on the big baby news. Em, you are doing an amazing job and one of the most difficult and painful things in the world, be very proud of yourself.....All our love, Megs and Kev

Anonymous said...

I'm so very proud of you. Keep it up Emily. Your determination and strength amaze me.

Sara B.