Thursday, April 26, 2007

eLLe* - week 1

Dear Luciya,

You are a Wonder Baby.

This morning I asked you if you knew how many weeks old you are today, and you told me!

I can't believe that as of tonight you will be a week old. After so many weeks of awaiting your arrival from within my belly, your first week on Earth has flown by, and every day has been an absolute joy.

You are miraculous. I cannot get enough of you. All I want to do is devour your irresitible little cheeks all day long. I want to absolutely engulf you with kisses.

Your skin is sweeter than syrup.

You are a sweet, sweet baby. Even though you were up for TWO STRAIGHT HOURS last night, the sighs that escape your perfect mouth are music to my sleep-deprived ears.

And I don't care what the books say, you are happy and you show it. They say that if baby appears to be smiling at this stage, it is probably just gas. But look at this face. All I see is complete contentment. However...

Your farts are comparable to any adult's. Even your dad's. Your first day in the hospital, a nurse came in to check you out. She leaned over and was just about to undo your tiny diaper when you let rip such a loud poopfart that she literally jumped back from the bassinet.

That's my girl.

Look at your perfect little hands. Since you were such a late baby, your soft, soft skin is a little flaky. I cut your fingernails for the first time the other day. Nerve-wracking!! But you didn't mind a bit, and believe it or not, the whole incident was injury-free. Even Mama walked away unharmed! (We never know about Mama.)

And you are quite self-sufficient with those little hands. If mommy's breast isn't handy, you can happily satiate yourself with your right index finger. You just jam the entire thing in your mouth and go to town.

Luciya, you are truly the light of my life.

To my week-old daughter...

May the Earth that you greet
be a peaceful Earth
May the dreams in your sleep
be unhurried
May the words that you hear
be they spoken or sung
come to you from a spiritual strength.

May your life on Earth be adorned
with garlands of music
jewels of compassion
and sparkling bubbles of laughter.

May your wisdom on Earth
be received from the forests
and cherished by you in the sun.

May the puddles on Earth
welcome your sweet feet splashing
May the dandelions long for
your whispering lips

May the daylight inspire you
the moon bring you peace
May you rest in the depths
of the breathing lands.

Love, Mama

* "Elle" is what big sister Eryn decided she is going to call little Luciya Leona. We like it!!