Friday, February 6, 2009

luciya pooped in the potty!!!!! luciya pooped in the potty!!!!

So, Luciya likes to practice sitting on the potty. Sometimes she'll pull down her pants, sometimes she'll leave them on, but she always likes to grab exactly one square of toilet paper, pretend to wipe, and the toss it into the "big potty" and say "bye bye!" as we flush it away.

She's never actually peed or pooped in the potty, though, and I'm not worried, since we're not in an extreme rush to potty train or anything, but I've wondered if she really knew what the whole potty business was really about.

This evening, after picking up a few things at the Costco, Luciya and I had a lovely date for two at McGrath's Fish House. This is the second of such mommy-daughter dates out for a meal, and both times she has behaved incredibly well. She ate her veggies, stayed in the high chair, and didn't throw a single morsel of food on the floor. We laughed together and quite enjoyed our meal. When we came home I ran a bath for Luciya and before getting her in the water we each sat on our respective potties, as is custom. I didn't think anything of it until Luciya got up from her potty and there were THREE BIG BEAUTIFUL TURDS sitting there in the bowl!!! Like, no big deal, Mom, I just had to poop, so I did it in the POTTY! Such a big girl.

I hope you can sympathize somewhat with my absolute elation. I'm just so proud (sniff, tear).

And you can kind of hear it in my voice in the requisite video that followed. (Warning: video includes one second of footage of actual poop.)


danielle =) said...

i have a pic of eva's 1st poop in the potty. . . it's so exciting!

Daina said...

Congratulations to all the poopers! *hurrah!*

Brandie said...

Oh my lord, that was beyond adorable! Thanks so much for sharing and WAY TO GO Lucia!!

The Smith Family said...

Wow! What a big girl! We are impressed! Payton wanted to watch the video over and over. Good job Luciya!

Emily said...

Dear "Doglover,"

I'd like to thank you for never visiting this blog - and especially this post! - ever again. Weirdo.

Your comments aren't seen by anyone and will all be deleted. They do not offend or irk anybody, so your efforts are futile at best.

I don't know what it is you do to dogs in your free time, but if you ask me, you're the one who needs to be reported, not me.

Go find some other worthless cause for your cyber-rant.

Thanks! :)

Emily said...

Apparently feeling quite lonely
When, after screwing your dog,
You gaze jealously at my family
Now get the fuck off of my blog!

Thank you!!