Thursday, August 7, 2008


Luciya's sister, Eryn, and her friend Christina were just in town for a week. As was the case on Maui, I love it when people come to visit, because we get to take the opportunity to do all the fun outdoor things we wouldn't do otherwise.

This time, we did so many fun things! We went boating, white water rafting, and ATV riding, swam in the pool, and ate lots of yummy food. We were having so much fun that I forgot to take many pictures. The only day I really got to take any was when we went boating (and we had a waterproof camera on the river, but those aren't developed yet). So, enjoy!

Eryn catches some air!

Last Monday, which was Christina's 17th birthday, we went on a long bike ride along the whole length of the greenbelt, which is - in my humble opinion - one of Boise's best features. We followed it all the way out to Barber Park, which is where we rented tubes upon which we floated the Boise river.

Christina grins and bears it.

The day was a lot of fun... in retrospect. Our first bad omen was when John's bike got a flat tire on the greenbelt. Right by the golf course, where the shade completely peters out. Naturally, it was a 96-degree day. Thankfully, John the Prepared One had his tire repair kit with him. Unfortunately, after 30 minutes of trying, it didn't work. So he hitchhiked with his limpy bike, got a ride immediately, and the girls and i finished the ride to meet him at the park.

I love it?

Tubing the Boise River is something that always sounds so fun and relaxing. Somehow I always forget that there is a lot of work involved! Especially when you have a terrified, freezing, 17 year old California girl who has never done anything like this in her whole life. Poor Christina. She got hung up on a rock on the second little rapids we went over and was stuck there until Eryn - who turned out to be the hero of the day - rescued her by struggling upstream with her tube, getting Christina into it, and throwing her own body on top of Christina.

Sisters. (Someone is so sleepy!)

From there on out poor child gritted her chattering teeth adn closed her eyes on every rippling rapid we came to. But she made it! Happy birthday, Christina! And way to go, Eryn! You showed your courage the whole day through.

Hooray! She's out like a light!

It was so nice, as always, to see Miss E. She's going to be a senior this fall. None of us can believe it -- even me! I first met the spicy little thing on her 11th birthday! Wasn't that just last year?!

Where's Luciya?

Eryn, your dad and I hope you have a wonderful senior year, that you make the right choices and take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves to you. You are bright, kind, and good-hearted. Don't forget to let your light continue to shine on other people. You have the ability to be a great day-maker.

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