Sunday, August 10, 2008

big girl room #2

Yes, at 15 months old, Luciya has outgrown her itty bitty "big girl room." That, and the fact that we decided our new office space didn't need room for a futon, convinced us to switch the two rooms. 

After Eryn left I worked for a few days on painting the office "Sensitive Tint." It's a lilac shade that I actually really, really like (I've found that you have to be careful with purple as  room color). It's sooo much better than the horrible paint job that is now covered up forever. It looked like Kermit the Frog had puked all over the walls.



Isn't it lovely? It looks like a little girl's room! I was so excited to get a video of Luciya's reaction when she first saw the room (she stayed the night at Tutu's house so we could finish moving furniture and revamping), and she was just like, "Oh, sweet, there's my bookshelf. I think I'll read a book now. What? What's the big deal? Got any power tools I can play with?"


danielle =) said...

so cute. nice job, mamma!

The Smith Family said...

Super cute room! I love your furniture! Typical child and heads for the power tool! :)

lisalu said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her furniture! Good choice, very classy. cute is the pink chair with the painting hung just so?? you gots style mama! luv it!