Friday, May 9, 2008

summer tease makes me feel fine


Who loves her new bike seat and helmet?

I know I thought Spring was just around the corner about 2 months ago, and it did a great job of fooling us on a few occasions (case in point:),

... but I think it's really here!

Check out this delicious tree in the front yard.

And I wish you could check out the lovely lingering twilights and the constant birdsong. Watch the birds make a nest in the little wooden house on the sycamore. See how lush and green the backyard grass is. Go without a onesie under your clothes for the first time ever.

This seasons thing is pretty cool, really. I won't say that I don't miss Maui, because I do. What I will say is that SEASONS ARE AMAZING! I mean, on Maui there is really little difference between, say, July and November. But here? You enter completely different worlds. Not to mention the flow of December into May. Was it really only five months ago that the heaters were cranking and we had to de-ice the front walk?

This was what the backyard thermometer read last Monday:

So we took a bike ride (Luciya's first!) all along the river into downtown, grabbed some lunch, and came back to the yard for some naked time in the sprinklers.

I know I've said I love the autumn and the winter, but Man, I am wiggly with summertime anticipation.

Dum-da-da-dooooo....... Hear ye, hear ye... Spring is here!!


Ophelia said...

Each time I see a new picture of this sweet little monkey I swear she has grown another inch and looks increasingly more like a toddler. Adorable alert! We also thought spring was here...warm beautiful days, balmy evenings, constant bird singing, gorgeous wild flowers covering every inch of the hillsides...and then just so we don't get too cocky...overcast skies, plunging temps and over all fact the next two months in San Diego are referred to as May Gray and June Gloom...we are deep into it...heavy sigh.

danielle =) said...

that greenbelt bike ride is one of the most beautiful leisure rides you can take!!!
she is so big so fast!

The Smith Family said...

I love the pic with the helmet. Safety first Mama! Payton's still a bit big for her. We have a bike trailer that she's pretty fond of. I am very excited for summer. It's my favorite season! Whoo hoo!

Anonymous said...

She likes the bike...and the helmet?!??!?! I would love to get Luz into one of those. Seriously. No coaxing required???