Thursday, March 13, 2008


Dear Kelly,

I just wanted to give you a little shout out and thank you for being the most awesomest of the awesome.

For the past twelve years you've had a way of breaking my blues and summoning the smiles out of me.

You are like a fresh baked, fudgy brownie: sweet and warm and full of ooey gooey delicious comfort.

You have the ability to make me laugh like no one else can. You soothe me. You put you little hand on my shaking heart and say "There, there, Mamma's here, don't mind me, it's all gonna be alright." And I totally believe you.

Thanks for coming to visit us, for loving my daughter, and especially for offering your help in our upcoming wedding. Somehow I forgot that you're an event planner by trade. It will be the best wedding ever! And you, my lovely made of honor, will have to work hard to not outshine me. Just this once. Cuz, you know, I'm the bride. The lucky, lucky bride.

I love you, Mamma!


P.S. The other day I came across this poem I wrote to you 7 years ago, after we had graduated college, I'd moved to Maui, and you were across the universe in Prague:

You are the best thing that's happened to me
From the first day you showed me my friends in the tree
You're better than popcorn and Vendage merlot
Better than sled rides by a lake in the snow
And the perfect Road Buddy wherever we'll venture
When we're young or we're fat, with teeth or with dentures
I love living my life by your antecdotes
And hearing your voice through numbered post-it notes
I know we'll be laughing till we're wilted and gray
We'll drink and we'll smoke and still fall down and play
We'll reap all the joys that our good lives deserve
(Though I'll have to improve on my shuttle cock serve)
Though I live in the sun in this high island bliss
It is always you that I love and I miss
But though our lives lead us to live far apart
Know you'll always have a home in my heart
The end is long off, but once we're in it
We'll jump back into life... and begin it.

College was the best, wasn't it?!


The Smith Family said...

I love the post and Kelly is deserving of such praise!!!