Friday, August 24, 2007

yay for diarrhea!!!

Deployment? What deployment??! Adam is NOT leaving on Sunday!

In brief: he went in for a physical on Monday, where he learned that his high blood pressure (like, 165/105) required medicine that would probably give him diarrhea (which he has already had for 2 weeks non-stop; sorry, Brother, but the world needs details), headaches, and - oh yeah - sensitivity to sunlight. Um, last time I checked there's a lot of that in the Middle East.

After hearing from his pharmacist that he should definitely notify the Army of this, and after he's getting irritated with the idea of collecting a poop sample for the doctor, he got a call yesterday for Senator Craig's office, in response to the letter I sent! They said they had just gotten off the phone with the Pentagon and that it was too late for them to do anything, but for him to call this 800 number.

Long story short, he called and received an 8-week deferment based on his medical conditions. In that time, he can gain exemption for being a Key Employee (a cop!). The department here in Boise has already started the ball rolling.

We have had a party planned for tonight. It is still happening, only now, it's a CELEBRATION!!!