Sunday, August 26, 2007

eLLe - 4 months

Dear Luciya,

You turned four months old last weekend.

I know, I can't believe it either.

You are becoming such a big girl!! You recognize mommy and daddy now, and your face lights up when you see us. Your neck is strong and you love to practice sitting up (with our help) and rolling over (but only front back to tummy; you haven't figured out how to get onto your back again).

You have started laughing more. When we went to visit your Abuelita in San Diego we went swimming in her pool and you laughed and laughed! It was pure delight. I get a little nervous when daddy dunks you into the water, but you don't seem to mind!

You grab for anything you see and try to stick it in you mouth. Favorites include mommy's hair, Tutu's necklaces and daddy's goatee. But you also love pink burp cloths and your gnome rattle.

You are on a funky sleep schedule, ever since you got your latest round of immunization shots. I put you down at 7 pm, and exactly 45 minutes later, you wake and whine for a minute. I think you jus want to make sure mommy is still around. And you've been waking up all through the night! Just when we thought you were thisclose to sleeping "through the night," you've been waking up and 1, 3, and 5! What's up, girl?

We have been having fun exploring Boise. Last week we went to the park and to the Boise zoo, where you loved to watch the butterflies in the butterfly exhibit. You went on the swing with mommy and fed the ducks with daddy. You are joyful.

Other accomplishments:


(never mind the knives in the background and the box of nails on the counter!)

Vacuum Cleaner Repairwoman:

Day Maker:

I love you, Luciya!!

Love, Mama


Kelly said...

What a beautiful family- I can't believe what a little lady she is now-

Love you-


Nancy said...

What an angel sent straight from heaven. Are you kidding me with that face, those cheeks, those eyes??? I stare at her picture on my computer screen and am mesmerized. Any stress I feel melts away and my heart feels so warm when I gaze upon her angelic smile. Thank you guys for making such a beautiful little being! I miss you guys so much. Maui is not the same without you.
Love, Clance