Tuesday, July 31, 2007

not okay

This is my brother, Luciya's awesome Uncle Adam.

Adam is 26 years old and lives just a few minutes from us. It has been amazing to have the opportunity to reconnect with him on a near-daily basis.

Adam is funny, tall, handsome, funny, and tall. He is smart and funny and tall. I totally admire everything about him.

Adam was honorably discharged from the Army in 2005 after spending almost 2 years as a Military Police officer in South Korea. He is now a deputy with the Ada County Sheriff's Department here in Boise. He is a fabulous cop. He is gentle and forthright. The kind of cop you wish all cops were.

On Thursday, Adam received his papers for deployment to Iraq.

Now, I'm a pretty intuitive person and my heart tells me that Adam will be safe and strong for many, many, many years to come.

But this sucks.

Adam is to deploy on August 26. They gave him 30 days! It's ludicrous. He just received a raise, is finalizing a divorce, and has a new girlfriend, a new home, a new niece, and a new dog.

If you are reading my blog I'm sure we share the same sentiments about the war and Dipdong Bush in general. And I'm sure you'll understand my stance as a big sister and the fact that I have taken it upon myself to urge Idaho's congressmen to cease Adam's deployment. If you know Adam, and even if you don't, I urge you to join me in doing what we can to see that he can stay here, safe.

Here is a copy of a letter similar to what I sent to Governor Butch Otter.

Governor Butch Otter
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720

Dear Governor Otter:

I am writing on behalf of my brother, Ada County Sheriff Deputy Adam Nielsen.

Adam, who was recently recommended by several fellow deputies as a canine handler for the Department, just received his orders for deployment. Adam is not a member of the Idaho National Guard or the Army Reserves. He was honorably discharged from the US Army in 2005. Adam was mobilized as a member of the IRR.

Adam served two years as a highly regarded Military Police officer in South Korea, where he quickly moved up the ranks to be the General’s personal security officer, before returning to his hometown of Boise and fulfilling his dream of becoming a police officer.

Adam loves his job and has proven to be an excellent example of the type of officer we want in our state. He was involved in the November shooting of a dangerous ex-con, and his professional action was commended not only by his supervising sergeants, but by members of the community at large.

Adam’s heart and soul, however, are dedicated to helping families in need. He has worked with juveniles and at-risk teens since he was in high school at Centennial.

His presence in Idaho, not only as a stellar example of a caring and committed county officer, but as a brand new uncle to my baby girl, is needed, and I ask you to do whatever is in your power to cease his deployment and keep him safe in Boise, so he can ensure the safety of so many others.


Emily Nielsen

You can contact Governor Butch Otter and Senator Larry Craig at the addresses below.

P.O. BOX 83720
BOISE, ID 83720

225 N. 9TH STREET, SUITE 530
BOISE, ID 83702

Thanks for keeping Adam in your hearts and prayers.


Danielle said...

oh - tears! :(

Elaine said...

I've ordered yellow ribbons to put on the trees and we'll have a hellova party when he takes them down. Continue to pray for Adam and for the misguided, inept administration.