Friday, July 20, 2007

eLLe - 3 Months

Dear Luciya,

You turned three months old today.

Your little hands are grasping at everything. Not that I ever wear my hear down, but on the occasion I do, I need to be willing to lose a strand or two. You grasp and tug at hair, jewelry, shirts, blankets, and your new favorite toy, the stuffed froggy.

You continue to smile every day. You are a joy in the morning, when you greet me with that illuminating morning grin. And you are beginning to laugh. I think it's probably a laugh only a mommy can decipher, as anyone else would probably only call it a grunt. But you grunt when I kiss your tummy and when we play paddy cakes and I hear nothing but complete delight.

You are sleeping 7 to 10 hours straight at night. That's right. Ten. Okay, it only happened once, and I actually got worried and had to go look into your crib at 5 am to make you sure were still breathing, but you did it! In any case, you are only waking up for one feeding at night, and I tiptoe into your little nursery and rock you as you nurse.

Another freak occurance: you rolled over! From your back to you front! Five times! And then never again since! Oh, well, it was pretty cool. And I'm not ready to babyproof the house yet, anyway.

Your head is completely wobble-free when you hold it up. You actually strain to keep it up when you're lying down or in your car seat (which you have not been a fan of lately... hates the car seat! No car seat!). You do little crunches to try and sit up. You don't want to miss a thing!

You met your namesake (or are you her namesake?), Great Grandma Leona. The four generations of women have gotten together twice now. Great Grandma is delighted with you.

We're trying out a new nap schedule to regulate your day more (you're napping right now!) 10 am , 1 pm, and 4 pm (or within a half hour of each) is the goal. So far, you seem happy with this.

Your big sister Eryn has been here for a week. I love seeing the two of you together, and you love seeing her face! Eryn is a wonderful big sister to you and that makes my heart happy.

I love you, Luciya!


Susi said...

Aloha Ton Ton & Shlemmy (I'm still not sure which is which) Luciya is so cute! Sounds like she's growing fast.
Just a quick note to say thanx for the couch we love it! Momi thinks it's super cool to jump on. The other one didn't bounce. We hope Idaho treats you well. Aloha Susi & Momi