Thursday, June 14, 2007

eLLe - week 8

Dear Luciya,

You are eight weeks old today! My goodness.

They say time flies; I picture Time as an enormous white bird, wing span stretching for miles and covering acres of land in shadows as it loops in flashes around the globe. Sometimes I want to lasso its quicksilver feet and say Slow down!!

But, here we are, 8 weeks with you in the world, and Time has certainly blessed you with so much.

Your latest developments:

You are alive-awake-alert-enthusiastic! Your eyes are wide and take in all they see in a room. You move your head to follow something interesting, like your mama.

You are holding your head up so well! Still a little bobble-wobble, but for the most part you are proving to have a strong neck and a very keen interest in everything that's going on!

High five! Your little hands are moving from clenched little clams to wide-open stars. I was feeling your fingers last night as they pressed against your ear when you were nursing.

The skin on your face is finally starting to smooth out. Four weeks of acne was hard for Mama to deal with!

And that smile. That glorious, illuminating, hey-I-recognize-you!, bright bright smile. I would eat boiled eggs to see that smile. But good thing I don't have to. You're happy all on your own!

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

I love you, Luciya!!