Monday, June 4, 2007

sudden cause for reminiscing

OMG, I only have 16 days left on Maui. We booked our tickets yesterday; Luciya and I will be arriving in Boise on June 21.

Six years, and suddenly it's down to just over two weeks left. And I'm realizing: I never went parasailing, never went on the zipline.... I've never snorkeled at Black Rock!

I was wide awake last night thinking, What is going on? I'm leaving Maui for Boise?!

In Boise, I won't be able to wear slippahs 365 days a year. BUT, I will get to bundle, wrap, and layer. (Geez, I need a whole new wardrobe...!)

In Boise, I won't walk around the corner from my home to a cute, 2-street, "cowboy town;" I'll drive through layers of traffic to the strip mall. BUT, I am admittedly excited about Target. I have lived 6 years without Target. And Bed Bath and Beyond? What's that? Don't think I won't find out.

In Boise, it will be really hard to get to a picture-perfect tropical waterfall in the middle of the rainforest. BUT, it will be possible to drive to place of immense natural beauty and not be surrounded by 85 tourists with cameras and guide books.

There is no clear blue Pacific ocean that is easily accessible in Boise. BUT, there are cold rushing rivers, quiet forest lakes, and my brother has a boat we can take out to the reservoir.

In Maui you can get anywhere you want to go within a couple hours. But in Boise, we can get in the car and DRIVE. Cruise control, windows down, music up, scenery for miles and miles and miles and miles. I will become the Road Trip Queen. I will traverse the wide open land that is the North American mainland.

I will ski in the winter and breathe in the fall.

My daughter will tell her Boise classmates she was born on Maui. And they'll say, "yeah right!"

Last night I almost had a panic attack. But this morning, with John cuddling me on my left and Luciya snuggling on my right, I realized that as long as I have this right here, I will be home.


Danielle :) said...

Emily. . I can see how hard it would be to leave such a beautiful place. . . If it's any consolation, we are so excited to have you here & even more excited to meet & love that beautiful baby girl!!! and of course, i'm excited to meet you too!
travel safe!