Thursday, November 22, 2012


"Who really knows what we're here to do
I just take my time
And I love these hours here with you..."

- "Grateful" by Au Revoir Simone

Cheers to the blessings and adventures of 2012!

Yes, I have used Au Revoir Simone for a video background before; they just seem to evoke the mood I need when I get around to documenting my immense nostalgias.

This year has been an abundant spattering of opportunity, growth, travel, and adventure. John and I have seen hope spurt in our home-based businesses and our special girls are falling as gracefully as they can - hair-pulling, pterodactyling, meltdowns and all - into lovely creatures of compassion and confidence.

We traveled a lot, participated in several organizes runs, got involved with community projects, met with dear friends, took Eryn to college and Luciya to kindergarten, and worked daily on getting Mirabel to start walking. (She's almost there. ... Has been the phrase since about June.)

I looked through the pictures on my computer this evening and was flooded with gratitude. The majority of my photos have been taken on my cell phone and are grainy and disconcertingly blurred. But the sentiments remain. Healthy friends and relatives, true blue friends, a beautiful home, and so much more, are ours everyday.

Blessed be.