Monday, December 6, 2010

Goose and Moose

What's in a name? I'm worried that Mirabel may start to think that her name is Gorgeous George, because for some inane reason that's what I've been calling her lately. When I peek over at her shining face in the morning I say, "Well good
morning, Gorgeous George!" What the...?

While Grampa Peter was living here, he helped create appropriate monikers for Mirabel such as Chubbers the Love Chimp and Fatty the Fat-Faced Ferret. (Hey, she's got cheeks.) Others from my mouth include Tooters, Toots McGee, Bella Bean (I think that's my favorite), and - most recently - Moose.

It's partially because of the antlers she's been sporting on her suddenly-grown-out hair.

Ol' Gorgeous George

And it's partially because it rhymes with Goose, which is what John has been calling Luciya forever, and which she actually answers to. (She answers to Bean, too, when I call her. Bean, or Beaner, or Honey Bean, or Beans). Goose, Goosey, and now her sweet lil sibling Moose.


The Smith Family said...

Cant tell you enough how much I love your blog and look forward to your posts! Gorgeous babies! :)

MsBorges said...

Aw, I love this! Poor Veronica has been christened "Jinxy", which Vivian loves to explain, was a natural flow from Neecy of Clean House. Natural to a six year old who hears her parents refer to each other as The Big Jeezy, I guess. smooches on those cheeks from Alaska!