Friday, April 30, 2010

Twelve Pounds of Heaven Butter


I planted a pearlized peck on your plump cheek that now glows glossy
in the same shaded afternoon light that
elongates your wispy lashes with shadows

we sifted powdered sugar onto gluten-free cake
you faced outward to make your neck strong
I am headstrong
and I know it

I would spend time wondering
what your growing pains might feel like
but for now
I can't get enough of your knuckle dimples

you are
12 pounds of Heaven butter
a scrumptious schmear
on the dense crumbly muffin that is my trudge

you are
breathy boisterous powder-scented
nuzzly sugar-coated softweight
flung into my arms and onto my breast
growing first within me now
cradled all around me

you are come true
spit shined and diamond crusted dreams
I didn't know I dreamt
but I never remember my dreams
so I'm content

you are my shine

and I thank you, thank you, thank you
for letting me be to you
who the ground is to me
when its sturdy stumbly paths through green light
make me look up and say

or, holy cow

I can promise to offer you that same earth
for your crinkle-toed feet to peruse with great glorious confidence
I can promise
to watch these new skies of all colors
with you

you are my bright

I smelled you a scent of wonderment
a spice of soul-glide
you chose me and I hold you
and you are safe here in this light
and in all the other hues that filter through your
baby blue curtains

I am your silky tube.




Elaine said...

Heaven and earth in a love poem...

Brian and Dawn said...


Catherine Just said...

thank you for stopping by my blog!
Yes there is a website

Hope it's helpful to you.
You have a beautiful baby!!!


Lisa said...

This is beautiful, Mirabel is beautiful! We have two little girls with Ds and are living the same scrumptious life you write about here :)...

Lisa &