Friday, February 26, 2010


Good morning to you!

Luciya dressed herself for school today and I think it perfectly exemplifies her personality. She was so thrilled with the ensemble and proud of herself: pink polka dot tights, blue striped dress "so I can spin it around," striped jacket. Of course, Miss Lynn reported that Luciya lifted her dress and put it over another girl's head at school. After Miss Lynn had convinced her to put the dress back on. *Sigh.* This, too, is the perfect picture of her little spirit.

Scrunchy! "Me!"

Bubble Lip! Mirabel is six weeks old today!

Thrushy the Purple-Lipped Sad Clown Face. We are still fighting thrush and Mirabel had to have her mouth "painted" for the third time. This time, I also got to paint my nipples purple. John said I looked like "Barney's grandma." Sorry, ladies, he's taken.


Christina Babin said...

Oh my, the picture of Luciya before school really give the description you gave me earlier justice. I love that kid! The good morning pic is so adorable too!

Brian and Dawn said...

I love how strong their personalities come out and from no where!! I love the outfit...very original!! I bet the purple nipples were hot...holy cow..."Barney's Grandma" that just makes me laugh!!

The Smith Family said...

Try coconut oil on your nipples for the thrush and start taking a probiotic such as acidophilus. Owen and I passed thrush back and forth a bizillion times!! The probiotic finally saved us I think.