Friday, September 5, 2008

dooce 2008

Heather Armstrong's blog,, is a lot of what inspired me to start blogging. She is fresh and irreverent and hilarious and talented and uncensored. She writes a newsletter to her daughter every month, which are what inspired me to write my letters to Luciya.

Her post a couple days ago really struck home to me, and a lot of what she managed to put into words, especially in the last paragraph,  totally reflects my own sentiments.

You can read it here:

Let me know whatcha think! (She has already received more that 2100 comments and, apparently, death threats.)

Vote Obama.


Ophelia said...

Good work Shemmy!

I had already read the AP report on the facts v. what Sarah Palin said at the convention. A good report.

Yes, all policiticans stretch the truth, but the level of dishonesty and just plain lies are astounding. Unfortunately many women are caught up in the fact that IT"S A WOMAN. The fact that she is not qualified to be second in line for the most powerful job in the world apparently just doesn't matter.

With you in voting for Obama.

Daina said...

Even more disturbing is the Republican's acceptance of Palin's extremist religious views on education ("abstinence only" sex education; book banning), and choice (no choice for anyone...for any reason).

Look at countries like the Philippines where fanatical religious beliefs (like Palin's) are hand-in-hand with government politics, and you'll see a third-world country that is over-populated and poorly educated, with the majority of its citizens living in squalor: no food, no medical care, no options.

People voting for McCain/Palin are voting for four more years of the Bush legacy, plus the added bonus of possible infringement of our First Amendment.

Vote Obama 2008.