Monday, June 16, 2008

class of 2008 -- go birds!

This past weekend the 8th graders at Haleakala Waldorf School on Maui had their graduation. When we moved from Maui last year, I had planned on returning for this day, because these children all hold a special place in my life; I began teaching them when they were in third grade. It was such a gift to watch these incredible young people grow over the span of five years, and I wish them all the best. They are in my heart forever.

Though we didn't get to make it back to Maui, someone else had a graduation ceremony from the Little Gym! Luciya has been in the "Birds" class with other 10-to-19-month-olds since January (before that, she was a "Bug."). The Winter/Spring session ended last week with a celebration of the kiddos' achievements, complete with a presentation of a medal on a ribbon.

Luciya LOVES the Little Gym. We started going when she was four months old, mostly for me to find a way to socialize and meet other moms, and find little friends for Luciya. It wasn't about getting her to have improved balance or to be an early walker, but I do think that the Little Gym has helped with these things, along with making her totally fearless. Child will jump on, push over, or climb up anything, and this makes me happy. (I seem to recall that I was a bit of a scaredy-cat babe.)

In class Luciya gets to somersault, climb, bounce, play with balls, and swing. She has even made a few little friends, even though they're all still at the stage where they pass each other like ships in the night and only seem to play together accidentally. 

Luciya really loves to somersault. 

There's a little chant we sing - "Hands high to the sky, hands down on the ground, smell your belly and roll!!" Say the first few words of this at home (or anywhere, really), and Luciya assumes the position.

At the graduation, parents and grandparents came equipped with cameras and video recorders, and of course we were no exception. 

Well. Good thing we captured every moment.

Our little monkey is such a funny free spirit. Every class starts with a circle on the big red mat, and while most babes sit obediently in their parents' laps, my child is off exploring the gym - bars, balance beams, mats, and bouncies.

And when we're instructed to walk or run in a circle with our babies, Luciya prefers to stand in the middle of everyone and twirl.

Congratulations, big girl!


The Smith Family said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I need to find something like that for Payton. We were doing music, but stopped for the summer. Time to find a new activity. I guess we will be doing swim lessons soon. How fun for you both!