Tuesday, April 8, 2008

due date - one year later

A year ago now you were due to arrive

Thought you'd be in me until you were five

You took your sweet time and arrived 12 days late

My whole world's been different since that date

My baby, my sweetness, my angel, my truth

I celebrate the first year of your youth...

You waited inside and my body turned round

Then you came from the heavens to this earthly ground

In the first hours the world seemed brand new

After the first week I still just stared at you

And you grew............

One month old and sleeping with grace

Two months old - Maui sun on your face

Three months old with pretty pierced ears

Four months old, smiling brings happy tears

At five months you're sitting and growing

Six months in mid-October, glowing

Seven months old and beginning to crawl

Eight months - naked time feels best of all

At nine months your tenth airplane ride

Ten months - your mouth has two teeth inside!

Eleven months old and walking around

Almost a year and my awe is profound

I love you, Luciya!



The Smith Family said...

What a darling little montage! She is such a doll. Love her big brown eyes. She looks nothing like Boo, a bizillion times cuter!!!!

Ophelia said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see her next week. Just love her sweet little buggy face and how her energy/ personality comes thru in photos. Our sweet Luciya.