Tuesday, May 29, 2007

eLLe - 40 days

Luciya is 40 days old today!

In forty days, the incarnating being, who has previously lived free of time and space in the heavenly world, has achieved the first stage of adaptation to existence in a world of space and time.

This forty
days can be seen as a period of adjustment between spiritual and physical states. We thus recognize that forty days is the time needed for the spirit to adapt itself to new conditions. From Genesis we learn that Noah spent 40 days in the ark. Likewise, Christ spent 40 days fasting in the desert. We can all remember this when we are in a transition time, and allow ourselves the proper time to adapt.

The baby comes from the watery realm into the the realms of earth and air, as well as physical changes, there is a total change of consciousness that occurs.

Luciya's changes the past few days have been marked. Yes, she has been smiling since week 2, but now when she sees the face of her mommy or daddy, a slow recognition crosses her face and a smile illuminates everything on her: her eyes light up (literally, little sunshines!) and the smile - oh! the smile! - makes my heart jitterbug. And she is starting to think we are pretty darn funny. This makes me want to be funny all the time. Anything to inspire that perfect little grin.

She has also been fussing more, which I suppose can be attributed to everything from the full moon to my caffeine consumption, or perhaps it's because her little body is becoming more rooted in the earth.

She is more alert and focused; her eyes follow us as we move around the room. Every day we get to watch her little self become more and more Luciya.

Welcome to the world, baby girl.