Tuesday, March 4, 2008

pokey and buddy

Last Saturday night Luciya slept fitfully. She kept letting out pained little cries. Normally, I would go in and check on her, but I didn't, because I KNEW what was happening. Sure enough, on Oscar Sunday I stuck my thumb on her bottom gums and felt the spiky little crowns of two new friends: Pokey and Buddy.

Pokey is on her right and Buddy is on the left. They're getting a little more visible each day: two little white dashes in the center of her gums. My bet is on Pokey showing up first, but we'll see.

Did you hear me? Luciya is teething!

And she's shitting her pants at an alarming rate. Sorry, but I just had to pause in writing this because another diarrhea squirt interrupted us. I don't know if it's because of the teething or what, but poor child has been filling her diapers to overflowing several times a day for the past 3 days. Yeesh. Her mood is fine, though, and she seems well enough. If by tomorrow his hasn't cleared up I'll call Dr. Angie.

Luciya has tooth buds!!


The Smith Family said...

Way to go Luciya! If youre not into giving Tylenol or motrin for pain, try the "Highlands teething tablets" they are a more natural way to soothe the pain. Along with cold wet cloths to suck on. That's sharing my motherly advice! :)